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The Twelve-Factor App Applied to PHP

If you develop web apps, I encourage you to check out The Twelve-Factor App. This is an excellent resource for anyone building and deploying software-as-a-service. PHP has great support for many of the twelve-factors. I want to take a look at specifically how each factor may be applied to a PHP application. I. Codebase “One […]

The Case For Rapid Release Cycles

There has been some discussion recently on the Zend Framework mailing list around release cycles. I proposed a release cycle of six months for major versions (someone else suggested eighteen months, which may be more reasonable for a framework). Rapid releases allow one to accelerate the cycle of building, measuring, and learning. Gathering data from […]

Speaking at SXSW Interactive 2011

I will be speaking at SXSW Interactive 2011. My talk will be a solo presentation on Zend Framework 2.0 and PHP 5.3 Web Applications. A big thanks to everyone who voted for my talk in the panel picker! I’ll be giving a preview of this talk at DC PHP on February 9th and at New […]

Zend Framework 2.0 and PHP 5.3 Web Applications SXSW Interactive Panel

I have submitted a panel on Zend Framework 2.0 and PHP 5.3 Web Applications for the 2011 SXSW Interactive Festival. Please consider giving this panel your vote. From the panel’s description: Zend Framework is a free/open source web application framework. It can be used either as a component library or as a full-stack Model–View–Controller (MVC) […]

Magento Roundtable

Next week’s Burlington, VT PHP Users Group meeting will be a Magento Roundtable discussion. From the meeting description: Over the last year, Magento has increased in popularity as a viable open source eCommerce platform for the mid to large scale online retailer. This rapid growth has lead to many questions on what has been fixed, what […]

TEK·X Day Two

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is the last day of TEK·X. Where did the time go? Today started with Matthew Schmidt’s 10 Developer Trends in 2010. He talked about agile development, browser standards, AJAX, security vulnerabilities, RIAs, touch interfaces, key/value stores, version control, cloud computing, and dynamic languages. While not a bad keynote, the topics […]

Searching A Field With Digits In Zend Framework’s Lucene Component

Recently I ran into a bug in one of our applications using Zend_Search_Lucene where the same document was showing up multiple times in search results. Actually, many different documents were showing up more than once. I tracked it down to the routine that updated indexed documents. With Zend_Search_Lucene you can’t actually update indexed documents, but […]

Layouts in Zend Framework

In my previous post in this series we looked at Zend Framework’s routing and Model-View-Controller (MVC) components. In this post we’ll take slight detour and explore Zend_Layout, a component that lets you have a consistent template for the layout of pages throughout your website. In the past you may have implemented consisted layouts in PHP […]

MVC in Zend Framework

In my previous post in this series we looked at how Zend Framework applications can be bootstrapped. We saw the configuration file (application/configs/application.ini) and the Bootstrap class (in application/Bootstrap.php) from a demo blogging application, Postr. What happens once your application is bootstrapped and run? That’s where Zend Framework’s routing and Model-View-Controller (MVC) components come in […]