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O’Reilly Radar on CouchDB and HTML5

I was recently interviewed by Audrey Watters of O’Reilly Radar on what CouchDB can do for HTML5, web apps and mobile. We discussed CouchDB, CouchApps, JavaScript, HTML5, web applications, mobile application development (Android/iOS), Web Storage, IndexedDB, replication, and “ground computing”. Read the full interview for the details of what we talked about. I’ll be giving […]

One Web

Almost two years ago, Luke Wroblewski first described a trend in web development called mobile first. The basic idea was that web applications should be designed for mobile first, as opposed to designed for the desktop first. Luke provided some compelling reasons for this including the explosive growth of mobile adoption, the fact that mobile […]

Decentralization as a Strategy

The other day Chris Dixon tweeted: strategy != tactics. Having a website was strategic in 1995, seo was strategic in 2005, mobile is strategic today. Chris is likely talking about startups here (since startups are the focus of much of his writing). If you’re not sure what the difference is between a strategy and tactics, […]

Web Design and Web Development

Back in October, Jeffrey Zeldman tweeted something that I strongly agree with: Real web designers write code. Always have, always will. #aea This sparked many conversations including these two tweets from Chris Shiflett: According to @zeldman, real web designers write code. (I think he means HTML and CSS, not PHP, Perl, and Python.) What do […]

Asus Eee PC 900 Review

The first full review of the Asus Eee PC 900 is available. The Eee PC is an ultra-portable computer and this newest version sports the following features: 8.9 inch 1024×600 LCD 1 GB of RAM Linux or Windows XP 20 GB SSD (Linux version) or 12 GB SSD (Windows XP version) 900 MHz Intel Celeron […]