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Decentralization as a Strategy

The other day Chris Dixon tweeted: strategy != tactics. Having a website was strategic in 1995, seo was strategic in 2005, mobile is strategic today. Chris is likely talking about startups here (since startups are the focus of much of his writing). If you’re not sure what the difference is between a strategy and tactics, […]

Marketing Is Not Dead

Forrester Research claims that 2010 is the year marketing dies. I mostly agree with the article and its conclusions. However, I do not think that marketing is dead: I just do not think it means what you think it means. The article conflates three distinct concepts: marketing, media, and advertising (although media, advertising, and public […]

Common Good Vermont

The other day we launched the first iteration of the Common Good Vermont website. From the about page: Vermont (pop. 621,000) is a small, tightly knit rural state proud of its independent spirit and high levels of civic engagement. Vermont’s independent sector (3000+ organizations, $4 billion annual revenue) plays a primary role in the delivery […]

Project Retrospective

When Peak Organic Brewing Company started in 2005 they asked us create their website (yes, it’s a table-based layout — this was 2005, get over it). When it launched the website included (and still includes as of this writing) the ability for you to “share your peak experience” with other users of the website by […]

New Media Office Hours (East)

If you’re a “new media” (social media, digital video/photography/editing, podcasting, etc.) enthusiast (or just curious) in Burlington, Vermont then you should check out the New Media Office Hours this evening. From the VCAM blog: So we’d like to officially announce that the first New Media Office Hours (east-coast) gathering will be this coming Monday evening […]

Tagnabit Usage

It’s been two weeks since we launched tagnabit. I want to share some information about how people have been using tagnabit. Some of the most popular tags used so far include: btv BTV is the airport code for Burlington, Vermont (where we are located). This tag is pretty heavily used on Twitter to represent our […]

Tagnabit Launched!

Last night we announced the launch of tagnabit, a social media aggregator. It’s “a service that aggregates tags from popular social media websites. It is useful for conferences or other events. Participants can use a shared tag across Twitter, Flickr, Technorati, YouTube and Delicious. Tagnabit then aggregates this content in one place.” The idea originally […]

ACM-NE Conference

Last week the Alliance for Community Media Northeast Region (ACM-NE) had a conference here in Burlington, Vermont. Organizers of the conference encouraged participants to use a shared tag, acmne09, on sites such as Twitter, Flickr, blogs, YouTube, and Delicious. We created a website for the conference (similar to what we had done for Town Meeting […]

The Social Graph

In my last post about the semantic web I mentioned the XFN project which allows individuals to define their relationships to others simply using semantically marked up hyperlinks. I also said that a global graph can be made of all of these relationships making the “walled gardens” of existing social networking sites obsolete. Before I […]

TMD VT Social Media Recap

Wow, thank you to everyone who participated and helped make Town Meeting Day Vermont ’09 a social media success! In the spirit of openness, I wanted to share some things that Jason and I learned from the tmdvt.net/09 experiment. First of all, some disclaimers. It’s important to note that we were just one small part […]