Monthly Archives: July 2011

Addressing the NoSQL Criticism

There were quite a few NoSQL critics at OSCON this year. I imagine this was true of past years as well, but I don’t know that first hand. I think there are several reasons behind the general disdain for NoSQL databases. First, NoSQL is horrible name. It implies that there’s something wrong with SQL and […]

CouchApps at OSCON 2011

Here are the slides from today’s OSCON presentation on CouchApps with CouchDB, JavaScript & HTML5: OSCON 2011 CouchApps View more presentations from Bradley Holt Related links: CouchDB jQuery Plugin Reference Same-Origin Policy “Ground Computing” HTML5 Web Storage Mustache Evently Evented Programming With jQuery couchapp command line tool (Python) Pathbinder node.couchapp.js Quick Intro to node.couchapp.js Interactive […]

Learning CouchDB at OSCON 2011

Here are the slides from today’s OSCON Data workshop on Learning CouchDB: OSCON 2011 Learning CouchDB View more presentations from Bradley Holt Related links: Installing CouchDB Download Couchbase Windows binary installer Other Alternatives to SQL MongoDB Redis Cassandra Riak HBase Libraries JavaScript CouchDB jQuery Plugin Reference jqCouch Perl CouchDB-Client POE-Component-Client-CouchDB CouchDB-View CouchDB-Deploy PHP Sag PHPCouch […]

Exploring RabbitMQ and PHP

I’m exploring the possibility of using RabbitMQ for an upcoming project. RabbitMQ is a free/open source message broker platform. It uses the open Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) standard and is written in Erlang using the Open Telecom Platform (OTP). It promises a high level of availability, throughput, scalability, and portability. Since it is built […]

CouchDB jQuery Plugin Reference

I’ve had a difficult time finding documentation on the CouchDB jQuery plugin that ships with CouchDB. So, I’ve decided to create my own reference and share it with you. This should cover almost the entire CouchDB API that is available through the version of the plugin that ships with CouchDB 1.1.0. Setup The same-origin policy […]

Iterative vs. Incremental

I’ve found that people often conflate the terms “iterative” and “incremental” when it comes to software and/or product development—they often use “iterative” when they really mean “incremental”. I’ve been guilty of this in the past, but feel like I have a good handle on the differences now. Iterative Iterative development involves a cyclical process. While […]

Testing PHP 5.4

Rasmus Lerdorf today posted instructions for testing the upcoming PHP 5.4 release. Running the PHP tests and submitting the associated report will help the PHP team get PHP 5.4 ready faster as it gives them reports of failed tests from a variety of platforms. I just did this today for the first time and can […]