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Top Five Posts of 2011

Continuing a trend started by Cal Evans and then followed by Chris Cornutt, Matthew Turland, and Joe Devon; here are the top five most viewed posts from my blog in 2011. 5. CouchDB and Domain-Driven Design This post covered two topics that are of great interest to me. Document databases like CouchDB have much potential […]

Addressing the NoSQL Criticism

There were quite a few NoSQL critics at OSCON this year. I imagine this was true of past years as well, but I don’t know that first hand. I think there are several reasons behind the general disdain for NoSQL databases. First, NoSQL is horrible name. It implies that there’s something wrong with SQL and […]

CouchApps at OSCON 2011

Here are the slides from today’s OSCON presentation on CouchApps with CouchDB, JavaScript & HTML5: OSCON 2011 CouchApps View more presentations from Bradley Holt Related links: CouchDB jQuery Plugin Reference Same-Origin Policy “Ground Computing” HTML5 Web Storage Mustache Evently Evented Programming With jQuery couchapp command line tool (Python) Pathbinder node.couchapp.js Quick Intro to node.couchapp.js Interactive […]

Learning CouchDB at OSCON 2011

Here are the slides from today’s OSCON Data workshop on Learning CouchDB: OSCON 2011 Learning CouchDB View more presentations from Bradley Holt Related links: Installing CouchDB Download Couchbase Windows binary installer Other Alternatives to SQL MongoDB Redis Cassandra Riak HBase Libraries JavaScript CouchDB jQuery Plugin Reference jqCouch Perl CouchDB-Client POE-Component-Client-CouchDB CouchDB-View CouchDB-Deploy PHP Sag PHPCouch […]

O’Reilly Radar on CouchDB and HTML5

I was recently interviewed by Audrey Watters of O’Reilly Radar on what CouchDB can do for HTML5, web apps and mobile. We discussed CouchDB, CouchApps, JavaScript, HTML5, web applications, mobile application development (Android/iOS), Web Storage, IndexedDB, replication, and “ground computing”. Read the full interview for the details of what we talked about. I’ll be giving […]

Speaking at OSCON 2011

I’ll be speaking at this year’s O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON). O’Reilly has introduced a new conference to be co-located with OSCON called OSCON Data which will “focus on the practical nuts and bolts of dealing with data.” I’ll be giving a three hour tutorial at OSCON Data on Learning CouchDB and a forty minute […]