Monthly Archives: March 2010

Layouts in Zend Framework

In my previous post in this series we looked at Zend Framework’s routing and Model-View-Controller (MVC) components. In this post we’ll take slight detour and explore Zend_Layout, a component that lets you have a consistent template for the layout of pages throughout your website. In the past you may have implemented consisted layouts in PHP […]

Job Opening: Functional Analyst & Quality Assurance Specialist

Found Line is hiring! We’re looking for a Functional Analyst & Quality Assurance Specialist to help us create useful web applications. Here is a description of the job: As a Functional Analyst & Quality Assurance Specialist at Found Line, you will have three primary responsibilities. First, you will communicate with outside clients and subject matter […]

Job Opening: Senior/Lead PHP Developer

An acquaintance of mine, Teresa Langston, made me aware that Vermont Information Processing (VIP) is looking for a Senior/Lead PHP Developer. More information is available on their careers page but a more in-depth description was recently posted to An excerpt of the job description: We are seeking an experienced PHP Application Developer with serious […]

Reboot Burlington Telecom!

If you’re from Burlington, Vermont you are probably already familiar with the financial trouble that our municipal fiber optic network, Burlington Telecom, is in. A couple of weeks ago a group of nine telecom and business professionals offered to help the City revive Burlington Telecom. I believe very strongly in keeping Burlington Telecom a local, […]