In addition to being a speaker, Bradley Holt is a web developer, entrepreneur, non-profit board member, free/open source software contributor, community facilitator, and an author. You can read a short biography here. He has delivered a variety of talks including concise presentations as short as thirty minutes, three hour tutorials, and multiple-day classes. He is comfortable presenting both in intimate user group settings and to large audiences alike.


Domain-Driven Design at ZendCon 2012


Entity Relationships in a Document Database at ZendCon 2012



Bradley has a deep understanding of many technical topics. He has the ability to quickly learn new domains. He has a knack for explaining complicated topics in a clear and concise manner.

  • CouchDB: Bradley is the author of Writing and Querying MapReduce Views in CouchDB and Scaling CouchDB, both published by O’Reilly Media. CouchDB is a document-oriented (a.k.a. “NoSQL”) database. Bradley has something to offer to those with any level of experience with CouchDB.
  • Domain-Driven Design: Reading Eric Evans’ Domain-Driven Design was a turning-point for Bradley as a software developer. Domain-driven design starts with the premise that the complexity for most projects is in the domain, not the technology. Bradley had the privilege of attending a four-day Domain-Driven Design Immersion class taught by Eric Evans and Paul Rayner.
  • Zend Framework: Bradley has been using Zend Framework since before its 1.0 release and is a Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE) in Zend Framework. He has given several user group talks on Zend Framework related topics. He is also a minor contributor of source code and bug reports to the Zend Framework project.
  • PHP: Bradley has over ten years of experience as a PHP developer. He has taught others how to program in PHP and is the organizer of his local PHP Users Group. He is a member of the PHP Documentation Team having made some minor contributions to the PHP documentation. He is able to speak on a wide variety of PHP-related topics.
  • REST: Bradley has a deep understanding of, and interest in, the web’s underpinnings as described by representational state transfer (REST). He is able to talk coherently about URIs, HTTP methods, HTTP headers, HTTP response status codes, and hypermedia controls.

Sample Presentations


  • ZendCon 2012—presentation on Entity Relationships in a Document Database
  • ZendCon 2012—presentation on Domain-Driven Design
  • CouchConf NYC—presentation on CouchApps with CouchDB, JavaScript and HTML5
  • ZendCon 2011—tutorial on Learning CouchDB
  • jQuery Conference: Boston 2011—presentation on CouchApps with CouchDB & jQuery
  • OSCON 2011—presentation on CouchApps with CouchDB, JavaScript & HTML5
  • OSCON Data 2011—tutorial on Learning CouchDB
  • SXSW Interactive 2011—workshop on Big Data and APIs for PHP Developers


“Cannot say enough positive about this talk. This is how I have always thought about modelling and code. Delighted to see that there is an established body of thought and a methodology that will allow me to put into practice the gut feeling I have always wanted to implement. ;-)”
David Weinraub on Domain-Driven Design at ZendCon 2012

“Great conceptual introduction and walkthrough the concepts. Thank you!”
Anonymous on Domain-Driven Design at ZendCon 2012

“The code example on testing the model clarified how everything falls in place. Still much to learn, thanks!”
“Zion Ng” on Domain-Driven Design at ZendCon 2012

“Bradley was one of the most well prepared speakers at the conference. I found his talk to be very insightful. His cadence and delivery were well polished and his answers to audience questions were concise and thoughtful. Given the subject, I don’t think a better introduction to CouchApps could exist.”
“lewsid” on CouchApps with CouchDB & jQuery at jQuery Conference: Boston 2011

“[This] was a great introduction to CouchApps and CouchDB. Enough detail to provide an understanding and create a curiosity without creating any confusion as to what was going on.”
“bernardo” on CouchApps with CouchDB & jQuery at jQuery Conference: Boston 2011

“Great talk. As an intermediate CouchDB user, I learned several new things.”
Josh Butts on Learning CouchDB at ZendCon 2011

“Very nicely done presentation. Has me considering using [CouchDB] in future projects.”
Joel Brauer on Learning CouchDB at ZendCon 2011


Please direct inquiries to bradley.holt@foundline.com.