Monthly Archives: November 2009

Bug Hunting

If you are a PHP developer in the Burlington, Vermont area then you should come to tomorrow (11/19) evening’s PHP Users Group meeting at the newly opened Office Squared coworking space in downtown Burlington. This month we will be learning how to find and fix bugs in free and open source projects. From the meeting […]

Rackspace Cloud Sites

We’ve been a Rackspace Cloud Sites (formerly Mosso) customer for about three years. In fact, I signed up as a beta tester when it was originally called “the system beats the machine.” I doubt many people that work at Rackspace even know that it once had that rather odd name. Honestly, it was very rocky […]

Beginner PHP Code Examples

At last month’s Burlington, VT PHP Users Group meeting I presented a session on beginner PHP. The code examples can be downloaded (or forked) from GitHub. The talk was geared towards complete beginners and covered the basic structure of a PHP script, variables, comments, data types, arrays (enumerative, associative and multi-dimensional), operators, conditionals, iterative constructs, […]