Monthly Archives: July 2009

Free/Open Source and Proprietary Software Symbiosis

Last week on The Browser I was talking (again) about free/open source software and open standards. Jonathan Butler (the host) asked what my thoughts were about my iPod touch which is proprietary hardware and software. Paraphrasing my answer, I said that Apple has created a killer product and a big part of this is their […]

Domain-Driven Design

I am currently reading Eric Evans’ Domain-Driven Design book. Having read most of the book I can say that his presentations on Putting the Model to Work and Strategic Design are an amazingly concise overview of the book’s content (note that InfoQ provides slides below the videos). If you’ve been interested in reading the book […]

Free ZendCon Pass

The Burlington, VT PHP Users Group has won a free pass to ZendCon ’09 along with Austin PHP Meetup, the Chicago PHP User Group, PHPBenelux, and PHPWomen. Congratulations to my fellow PHP users group members! Now we need to pick a lucky member to get the free ZendCon pass. Are you a local PHP developer […]

New Media Office Hours (East)

If you’re a “new media” (social media, digital video/photography/editing, podcasting, etc.) enthusiast (or just curious) in Burlington, Vermont then you should check out the New Media Office Hours this evening. From the VCAM blog: So we’d like to officially announce that the first New Media Office Hours (east-coast) gathering will be this coming Monday evening […]

HTML 5, HTTP Methods & REST

Lots of very exciting things are happening right now for us web standards aficionados. The big news is the buzz around HTML 5 and its growing support in modern web browsers (modern meaning not Internet Explorer). The current state of web standards makes it difficult, but certainly not impossible, to use the web as a […]


Are you an entrepreneur, freelancer, or just someone looking to work out of the office for an afternoon? Then sign up for the upcoming Jelly that we’ll be hosting at our Burlington, Vermont studio! The date is Friday, July 31st from 1pm to 5pm. A Jelly is a casual coworking event. For more info on […]