Monthly Archives: October 2008

GTalk Profile on ReadWriteWeb and

GTalk Profile is a website we originally launched three years ago right after Google Talk itself was launched. The website was recently featured on ReadWriteWeb and syndicated to the technology section. From the article: Google Talk is probably one of the few messaging clients that doesn’t have a way for you to interact with […]

Vermont 3.0 Thoughts

On Saturday Jason and I attended Vermont 3.0. We were interested in seeing what it was all about and see if it’s something we’d exhibit at in the future if we’re looking to hire. We walked the floor and had a chance to to talk with several people we know. First of all, I think […]

Vermont 3.0

Jason and I (from Found Line) will probably be stopping by Vermont 3.0 on Saturday. We’re not exhibiting but I’m curious to see what it’s all about. If you’re planning on being there then let me know. You can either comment on this blog entry or, if you’re own Twitter, send an @ reply (I […]

PHP In Google App Engine?

According to the newly posted App Engine Product Roadmap, there are plans to add “support for a new runtime language.” In an email to the Google Apps Small Business Solution Providers mailing list Google had this to say: “Of particular interest, may be payment for additional resource usage and a new runtime language – I […]

Zend_Container Thoughts

It seems that there’s some interest in my Zend_Container proposal including possibly using it as part of Zend_Application. I still need to move Zend_Container from “New” to “Ready for Review” but first I need to add some more details to the proposal. I want to talk about some thoughts on Zend_Container that may be helpful […]

BTV PHP UG Meeting

The Burlington, VT PHP Users Group will be meeting tomorrow night at Bluehouse Group in Richmond. David Walsh of Standards Technology Group (STG) will be giving a demo of STG’s web application. STG will also be providing massive amounts of pizza. Matthew Weier O’Phinney, Software Architect for Zend Framework, will be giving a presentation on […]

Found Line Software License

We recently made the strategic decision to license all software developed by Found Line under the New BSD License. This is a free/open source software license meaning that our clients will have the four freedoms as outlined by the Free Software Foundation. Basically, this means that clients are free “to run, copy, distribute, study, change […]

VSA Arts of Vermont Website

We recently launched the updated VSA Arts of Vermont website. Since VSA Arts of Vermont’s mission is to make “the world of the arts accessible to Vermonters of all abilities” it was critical that their new website be accessible. This was a challenge we readily accepted as web accessibility is something we take very seriously. […]

Proprietary Skype

Peter Saint-Andre (Executive Director of the XMPP Standards Foundation) has pointed out the Free Software Foundation’s recent addition of a “Free software replacement for Skype” to its list of High Priority Free Software Projects: Skype is a proprietary Voice-over-IP program that uses a proprietary protocol. Skype is seducing free software users into using proprietary software, […]

ZendCon Summary

Rafael Dohms has posted a good summary of ZendCon ’08. He touches on several topics including performance, testing and code analysis, PHP’s integration with other technologies, Zend Framework, and some interesting things to look forward to in 2009 including Ibuildings’ PHP Center of Expertise.