Monthly Archives: February 2010

Support Burlington Telecom

If you are a Burlington, Vermont citizen and support Burlington Telecom then please come to the special City Council meeting on Thursday (2/11) where they will discuss the report from the Burlington Telecom Blue Ribbon Committee. The meeting will start at 6pm in the Contois Auditorium at Burlington City Hall. You can follow an ongoing […]

MVC in Zend Framework

In my previous post in this series we looked at how Zend Framework applications can be bootstrapped. We saw the configuration file (application/configs/application.ini) and the Bootstrap class (in application/Bootstrap.php) from a demo blogging application, Postr. What happens once your application is bootstrapped and run? That’s where Zend Framework’s routing and Model-View-Controller (MVC) components come in […]

Blog Moved

I’ve moved my blog over to this new URL ( from Blogger. If you subscribe to my feed then please update the feed URL to (it should redirect automatically but it’s not a bad idea to resubscribe using this new URL). Unfortunately I’m not able to redirect the posts themselves. My apologies if you’ve […]