Monthly Archives: July 2008


I am surprised by how many developers think it’s OK to do work directly in a production environment or to deploy to production directly from their development environment. I found a good article today that explains the traditional Development/Integration/Staging/Production practice. The specific setup may be different depending on your environment, but the basic ideas are […]

Social Capital in Free/Open Source Software Projects

A colleague of mine recently introduced me to the concept of social capital. Many organizations these days value human capital but I’m not sure how many value the social contacts between people involved in the organization. This raised the following question for me: I wonder how much of the success around free/open source software projects […]

Dependency Injection in Zend Framework

Ibuildings has an article on Dependency Injection and Zend Framework Controllers. In the comments, the Zend_Di proposal is mentioned. I had posted several comments when the Zend_Di component was proposed. Most of my comments were ideas on how to make a dead-simple dependency injection container for Zend Framework. Zend Framework prides itself on simplicity and, […]

Easy Way to Run Web Applications Locally

I’ve been trying out a new way to run web applications on my local machine. Since I work on many different websites I like to be able to run these sites on my local machine. This lets me try out changes locally before committing them to Subversion and rolling them out to a staging or […]

PHP Users Group at VCET

Last night’s PHP Users Group was at the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies (VCET) in Burlington. Adam Bouchard gave us a demo of Springloops – a service that helps you deploy web applications (among other things). Rob Riggen and Aaron Carlino gave us a presentation on the Symfony web framework. We had a smaller turn-out […]