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TEK·X Day Three

Sadly, today was the final day of TEK·X. However, there was plenty of information and networking packed into the last few days. Marco Tabini and the rest of the team put on a top-notch conference. Being the last day, there were only three sessions. I started out with Jason Austin’s Lean Mean PHP Machine session […]

TEK·X Day Two

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is the last day of TEK·X. Where did the time go? Today started with Matthew Schmidt’s 10 Developer Trends in 2010. He talked about agile development, browser standards, AJAX, security vulnerabilities, RIAs, touch interfaces, key/value stores, version control, cloud computing, and dynamic languages. While not a bad keynote, the topics […]

TEK·X Arrival and Day Zero

Yesterday I arrived in Chicago for my first TEK·X PHP conference. After getting in, I had an interesting conversation with Bill Karwin over dinner. Bill is the author of  SQL Antipatterns and is presenting on SQL Injection Myths and Fallacies as well as Models for Hierarchical Data with SQL and PHP here at TEK·X. I […]

TEK·X PHP Conference

I registered today for the upcoming TEK·X PHP conference in Chicago. I attended both ZendCon ’08 and ’09 but this will be my first TEK·X experience. I have heard that TEK·X is more of a community conference while ZendCon has a reputation for being more corporate. The schedule has not been announced yet (which is […]