Monthly Archives: September 2010

Immutable Value Objects in PHP

Yesterday I tweeted: Modern object-oriented programming languages need support for immutable Value Objects. #DDD The “DDD” in that tweet stands for Domain-Driven Design. There were several interesting responses to this tweet. Kevin Schroeder thought that it made a lot of sense but pointed out that “need” was a bit of a strong word. I should […]

Vermont Code Camp Wrapup

A big thanks to everyone who attended, volunteered, sponsored, organized, and spoke at this year’s Vermont Code Camp—we had 23 speakers, 25 sessions, and 125 attendees! Check out some of the presentations, photos, and tweets from this past weekend. A special shout-out to Julie Lerman and Rob Hale for all of their hard work in […]

Introduction to PHP

Matthew Weier O’Phinney and I are giving an Introduction to PHP presentation this morning at Vermont Code Camp. I’ve posted the slides to SlideShare and the example PHP scripts are available on GitHub. If you are at Vermont Code Camp and attended our session, please take a minute to give us feedback on Introduction […]