Monthly Archives: March 2009

PHP Users Group Meeting Tonight

The presenter at tonight’s (3/26/2009) Burlington, VT PHP Users Group meeting will be Paul Reinheimer of php|architect. His presentation, “Easy Problems are the Hard Problems,” will take an in-depth look at the easy/hard parts of web applications. There will be pizza for your consumption (provided by Found Line). If you’re a web developer in the […]

The Web Is Not A Visual Medium

A claim you may have heard me make before is that the web is not a visual medium. Some of you know exactly what I mean and some of you probably think I’m nuts. For those of you who think I’m crazy, let me elaborate. You, like most people, probably experience the web visually. However, […]

The Social Graph

In my last post about the semantic web I mentioned the XFN project which allows individuals to define their relationships to others simply using semantically marked up hyperlinks. I also said that a global graph can be made of all of these relationships making the “walled gardens” of existing social networking sites obsolete. Before I […]

TMD VT Social Media Recap

Wow, thank you to everyone who participated and helped make Town Meeting Day Vermont ’09 a social media success! In the spirit of openness, I wanted to share some things that Jason and I learned from the experiment. First of all, some disclaimers. It’s important to note that we were just one small part […]