Monthly Archives: September 2008

Google Customer Service?

My customer service experience with Google rivals my experience with Verizon Wireless for winner of the “worst customer support possible” award. Verizon Wireless would not let me pay them more money for a service with more minutes without forcing me into a contract. After many phone calls I finally got the privilege of spending more […]

Testing Requirements with Unit Tests

I’m currently working on a project where the client is running their own web server that I will not have direct access to. This is actually a good thing in that it is a nice way to enforce the separation of the development and integration environments from the staging and production environments. However, how do […]

ZendCon Highlights Presentation

I presented highlights from ZendCon at last night’s Burlington, VT PHP Users Group meeting. I’ve uploaded my slides for anyone who wants to take a look. The presentation uses the S5 slide show format in case you are curious.

ZendCon Highlights at PHP UG Meeting

I’ll be presenting some highlights from ZendCon at this Thursday’s Burlington, VT PHP Users Group meeting. We’ll be meeting at Draker Laboratories from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Hope to see you there!

ZendCon 2008

ZendCon 2008 wrapped up last week. This was my first time going to ZendCon and it was definitely worth it. There were over 650 people and over 60 sessions at the Santa Clara conference. I’ll try to post summaries and highlights from the sessions I attended. It was a great opportunity to attended presentations from […]