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No Invisible Metadata

Yesterday I tweeted (link expanded): Google officially ignoring keywords meta tags is a nice validation of @microformats “no invisible metadata” principle: http://tantek.com/log/2005/06.html#d03t2359 The link is to a 2005 post on Tantek Çelik’s blog where he expands on the microformats principle that “visible data is much better for humans than invisible metadata.” Google’s announcement the other […]

PHP In Google App Engine?

According to the newly posted App Engine Product Roadmap, there are plans to add “support for a new runtime language.” In an email to the Google Apps Small Business Solution Providers mailing list Google had this to say: “Of particular interest, may be payment for additional resource usage and a new runtime language – I […]

Google Customer Service?

My customer service experience with Google rivals my experience with Verizon Wireless for winner of the “worst customer support possible” award. Verizon Wireless would not let me pay them more money for a service with more minutes without forcing me into a contract. After many phone calls I finally got the privilege of spending more […]

GTalk Profile Hits 10,000 Profiles

Back in August of 2005 Google launched its instant messaging platform called Google Talk. One feature that Google did not provide was a way for Google Talk users to connect with other Google Talk users who they didn’t already know. Within a week of the Google Talk launch Jason and I had rolled out the […]

Google App Engine

Google has just launched a preview release of the Google App Engine. Developers can now create web applications and run them on Google’s infrastructure. This gives developers access to a lot of the same tools that Google uses to build its own web applications including GFS and Bigtable. Unfortunately, it’s only available for Python and […]