Monthly Archives: August 2009

Unit Tests Are Not About Testing

I had the suspicion for a while but it didn’t become clear to me until recently that unit testing really is not about testing. Sure, you are writing tests and there is certainly value in having “tests.” However, the real value of unit testing becomes evident when you stop thinking of it in terms of […]

Models of Software Acceptance

A little while ago I read Richard P. Gabriel’s talk on Models of Software Acceptance [PDF]. I couldn’t find a date on this talk but I think it’s rather old, at least in terms of technology. However, there is very little in there that seems dated and much of it is very relevant today. From […]

Social Coding

My first real introduction to Git and GitHub was at last year’s ZendCon. I’ve been using Subversion, a centralized revision control tool, for a few years now and it has changed the way I work. For example, I think in terms of changesets or “commits” that fix a defect, make an enhancement or complete a […]