Monthly Archives: October 2009

The PHP Community

Last week I was at ZendCon, the largest yearly event of the PHP community. One thing that I’ve been thinking about lately, and something that many other people have talked about, is how unique the PHP community is. People are generally friendly and welcoming. Rarely do you run into someone who thinks he or she […]

Beginner PHP

The Burlington, VT PHP Users group has been going strong for almost two years now. We’ve had lots of great presentations and some really experienced PHP developers at the meetings. However, I’ve been concerned that we might scare away PHP beginners with many of the meetings being on advanced topics. So, our next meeting topic […]

ZendCon Tips

Last year was my first ZendCon experience and I’m happy to say that I’ll be going again this year. Here are some tips based on my experience at last year’s conference. These tips are meant for newcomers, but may be useful to alumni as well. Participate in the backchannel. Last year’s conference attendees generated over […]

Project Retrospective

When Peak Organic Brewing Company started in 2005 they asked us create their website (yes, it’s a table-based layout — this was 2005, get over it). When it launched the website included (and still includes as of this writing) the ability for you to “share your peak experience” with other users of the website by […]