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Why Gigabit Matters

A handful of communities across the United States currently have access to gigabit-per-second (1 Gbps) Internet speeds. This super-fast connectivity is only possible with a fiber-optic infrastructure and a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployment. Existing coaxial cables and telephone lines can’t even come close to providing gigabit-per-second bandwidth. But why does gigabit-per-second Internet speeds (and fiber-to-the-home) matter? […]

Burlington Telecom Advisory Committee

This past Monday evening I was appointed by the City Council of the City of Burlington, Vermont to the Telecommunications Advisory Committee. In this volunteer position, my role is to advise the City Council on matters related to Burlington Telecom, a municipally owned telecommunications services provider. I have many of my own opinions about Burlington […]

Barbershop Punk

Yesterday I had the opportunity to see Barbershop Punk, a documentary by Georgia Sugimura Archer and Kristin Armfield, at the Vermont International Film Festival (there will be two more screenings this week at the festival). The film contemplates the future of the American Internet and surrounding issues. Following the screening was a panel discussion with […]

Reboot Burlington Telecom!

If you’re from Burlington, Vermont you are probably already familiar with the financial trouble that our municipal fiber optic network, Burlington Telecom, is in. A couple of weeks ago a group of nine telecom and business professionals offered to help the City revive Burlington Telecom. I believe very strongly in keeping Burlington Telecom a local, […]

Support Burlington Telecom

If you are a Burlington, Vermont citizen and support Burlington Telecom then please come to the special City Council meeting on Thursday (2/11) where they will discuss the report from the Burlington Telecom Blue Ribbon Committee. The meeting will start at 6pm in the Contois Auditorium at Burlington City Hall. You can follow an ongoing […]