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Domain-Driven Design at ZendCon 2012

Here are the video and the slides from my Domain-Driven Design talk at ZendCon 2012. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fVTNsQ8POI If you’re interested in learning more about this topic then I’d recommend reading the original book on the topic of Domain-Driven Design by Eric Evans. Eric also runs a training company called Domain Language which offers training on Domain-Driven […]

The MVC Paradox

Use of the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern is generally accepted as a best practice in modern web applications. Like all design patterns, MVC is a reusable solution to a common problem. The MVC pattern is intended to address the following concerns: Support for multiple types of clients Reduce duplicate code when supporting multiple […]

Top Five Posts of 2011

Continuing a trend started by Cal Evans and then followed by Chris Cornutt, Matthew Turland, and Joe Devon; here are the top five most viewed posts from my blog in 2011. 5. CouchDB and Domain-Driven Design This post covered two topics that are of great interest to me. Document databases like CouchDB have much potential […]

Domain-Driven Design at ZendCon 2011 UnCon

Here are the slides from today’s ZendCon UnCon session on Domain-Driven Design: ZendCon 2011 UnCon Domain-Driven Design View more presentations from Bradley Holt If you were in this session, please give me feedback on Joind.in.

CouchDB and Domain-Driven Design

I’ve found CouchDB to be a great fit for domain-driven design (DDD). Specifically, CouchDB fits very well with the building block patterns and practices found within DDD. Two of these building blocks include Entities and Value Objects. Entities are objects defined by a thread of continuity and identity. A Value Object “is an object that […]

Domain-Driven Design Immersion Class

I just wrapped up a four day Domain-Driven Design Immersion class with Eric Evans (author of Domain-Driven Design) and Paul Rayner. The class was put on by Eric’s company, Domain Language. If you’re looking for training or consulting in Domain-Driven Design, I highly recommend that you get in touch with them. I’d like to share […]

Immutable Value Objects in PHP

Yesterday I tweeted: Modern object-oriented programming languages need support for immutable Value Objects. #DDD The “DDD” in that tweet stands for Domain-Driven Design. There were several interesting responses to this tweet. Kevin Schroeder thought that it made a lot of sense but pointed out that “need” was a bit of a strong word. I should […]