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Joining Cloudant

Since 2005, my partner Jason Pelletier and I have had the privilege of working with numerous great clients through our company, Found Line. While we have enjoyed this work, it’s time for us to move on to other things. I’m happy to announced that I will be joining Cloudant (an IBM company) as a Developer […]

Building a Hypermedia API in CouchDB

The latest issue of php|architect includes an article of mine on Building a Hypermedia API in CouchDB. The article’s description: This article demonstrates how to create a hypermedia data API using CouchDB, a document database and application server that is accessed through an HTTP API. URIs identify CouchDB resources such as databases, documents, attachments, and […]

Entity Relationships in a Document Database at ZendCon 2012

Here are the video and the slides from my Entity Relationships in a Document Database at ZendCon 2012. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjv1OKYzJe4 Some of the tools mentioned in the presentation: Doctrine CouchDB Doctrine MongoDB ODM

Entity Relationships in a Document Database

This week I attended and presented at CouchConf Boston. I’d like to thank Couchbase for inviting me to speak—it was a great opportunity to meet other CouchDB and Couchbase users. I’ve posted the slides from my Entity Relationships in a Document Database talk to Speaker Deck (and SlideShare, if you prefer): The presentation covered four […]

Day Against DRM

Today is the Free Software Foundation’s (FSF) International Day Against Digital Restrictions Management (DRM). This being done as part of the FSF’s Defective by Design anti-DRM campaign. To celebrate Day Against DRM O’Reilly Media is having a sale of 50% off all of its ebooks (which are all DRM-free) including Writing and Querying MapReduce Views […]

Speaking at CouchConf Boston

I will be giving a presentation on Entity Relationships in a Document Database at CouchConf Boston on May 15th. The talk description: Unlike relational databases, document databases like CouchDB and Couchbase do not directly support entity relationships. This talk will explore patterns of modeling one-to-many and many-to-many entity relationships in a document database. These patterns […]

The Future of CouchDB and Couchbase Server

“What’s the future of CouchDB? It’s Couchbase.” —Damien Katz “The future of CouchDB is CouchDB.” —Noah Slater First of all, don’t panic. The Apache CouchDB project is thriving. There are plenty of core contributors who are dedicated to the project. If you’re using CouchDB, you’re fine. If you’re considering using CouchDB, you’ll be fine. CouchDB […]

Top Five Posts of 2011

Continuing a trend started by Cal Evans and then followed by Chris Cornutt, Matthew Turland, and Joe Devon; here are the top five most viewed posts from my blog in 2011. 5. CouchDB and Domain-Driven Design This post covered two topics that are of great interest to me. Document databases like CouchDB have much potential […]

CouchApps at CouchConf NYC

Here are the slides from Monday’s CouchConf NYC session on CouchApps with CouchDB, JavaScript and HTML5: CouchConf NYC CouchApps View more presentations from Bradley Holt

Learning CouchDB at ZendCon 2011

Here are the slides from today’s ZendCon tutorial on Learning CouchDB: ZendCon 2011 Learning CouchDB View more presentations from Bradley Holt You can instead download the PDF version, if you’d prefer. If you were in this session, please give me feedback on Joind.in.