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Bootstrapping Zend Framework Applications

In my previous post I talked about how the Front Controller pattern is implemented in Zend Framework. We saw how every application request can go through the public/index.php script. Everything that your application does is then eventually called from either the bootstrap() or run() method in Zend_Application. One of the constructor arguments passed to Zend_Application […]

Front Controller Pattern in Zend Framework

I recently gave a Zend Framework Introduction presentation at our local PHP Users Group. I built a demo blogging application called Postr that I used as an example throughout the presentation. There was way too much material to cover in the time available so I plan on writing a series of blog posts, each covering […]

Zend Framework Introduction

Slides from last night’s Zend Framework Introduction at the Burlington, Vermont PHP Users Group are now available online: Zend Framework Introduction View more presentations from Bradley Holt. The presentation is available under a Creative Commons license. As I mentioned earlier, there’s also a demo blogging application called Postr available on GitHub. The application is available […]

Learn Zend Framework

At tonight’s (Thursday, January 28, 2010) Burlington, Vermont PHP Users Group meeting I’ll be giving a Zend Framework Introduction presentation. I’ll be covering how to use several features of Zend Framework and common patterns including: Zend_Tool Zend_Application Model-View-Controller (MVC) Zend_Layout Action Controllers View Scripts Zend_Test Modeling domain objects Zend_Form Zend_Db_Table Data Mapper Zend_Paginator Zend_Date Zend_Markup […]

Open Source and Open Standards Bill

The other day there was a discussion on the VAGUE mailing list about an open source and open standards bill (H.516) [PDF] recently introduced in the Vermont General Assembly (a.k.a. legislature). It’s technically an amendment to an existing act and has the following stated purpose: This bill proposes to require the department of information and […]

Zend Framework Route Context Plugin

I want to share a simple, yet very useful, custom Zend Framework plugin that we use on almost all of our projects. The plugin (and associated code in the layout file) provides the Zend Framework route context as CSS classes on the body element. This allows us to change the design (using CSS) and/or behavior […]

Phing Build Script

I’ve been experimenting with using Phing to automate building and deploying web applications. I want to share one of my build scripts and perhaps get some feedback from anyone with more experience using Phing. The requirements for the build script are fairly simple: It will not handle deployment. This particular web application is deployed by […]

Marketing Is Not Dead

Forrester Research claims that 2010 is the year marketing dies. I mostly agree with the article and its conclusions. However, I do not think that marketing is dead: I just do not think it means what you think it means. The article conflates three distinct concepts: marketing, media, and advertising (although media, advertising, and public […]

TEK·X PHP Conference

I registered today for the upcoming TEK·X PHP conference in Chicago. I attended both ZendCon ’08 and ’09 but this will be my first TEK·X experience. I have heard that TEK·X is more of a community conference while ZendCon has a reputation for being more corporate. The schedule has not been announced yet (which is […]

Web Design and Web Development

Back in October, Jeffrey Zeldman tweeted something that I strongly agree with: Real web designers write code. Always have, always will. #aea This sparked many conversations including these two tweets from Chris Shiflett: According to @zeldman, real web designers write code. (I think he means HTML and CSS, not PHP, Perl, and Python.) What do […]