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Easy Way to Run Web Applications Locally

I’ve been trying out a new way to run web applications on my local machine. Since I work on many different websites I like to be able to run these sites on my local machine. This lets me try out changes locally before committing them to Subversion and rolling them out to a staging or […]

Burlington, VT PHP Users Group Subversion Presentation

Here is the Subversion presentation I just gave at the Burlington, VT PHP Users Group: | View | Upload your own

Subversion Presentation at PHP Users Group

I’ll be doing a presentation on Subversion, an open-source revision control system, at this month’s PHP Users Group meeting. The meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, May 22nd from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at Brown & Jenkins Coffee Roasters. I’ll be talking about reasons to use revision control, the benefits of using Subversion specifically, […]

POSH In Action

In a previous post I talked about Plain Old Semantic HTML (POSH). The POSH concept saved us a lot of time and frustration on a recent project. Our task was to create a cold water wash calculator for Seventh Generation’s Get Out of Hot Water for Earth Day promotion. The calculator takes four inputs: water […]