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Marketing Is Not Dead

Forrester Research claims that 2010 is the year marketing dies. I mostly agree with the article and its conclusions. However, I do not think that marketing is dead: I just do not think it means what you think it means. The article conflates three distinct concepts: marketing, media, and advertising (although media, advertising, and public […]

Project Retrospective

When Peak Organic Brewing Company started in 2005 they asked us create their website (yes, it’s a table-based layout — this was 2005, get over it). When it launched the website included (and still includes as of this writing) the ability for you to “share your peak experience” with other users of the website by […]

Social Media Manifesto

At Found Line, we often have people ask us about using social media as a marketing tool. Unfortunately many try to approach social media as just another marketing avenue or, even worse, as a form of advertising. Here are a few key rules you must follow or you will fail miserably. It’s not about you. […]