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Magento Roundtable

Next week’s Burlington, VT PHP Users Group meeting will be a Magento Roundtable discussion. From the meeting description: Over the last year, Magento has increased in popularity as a viable open source eCommerce platform for the mid to large scale online retailer. This rapid growth has lead to many questions on what has been fixed, what […]

Zend Framework Introduction

Slides from last night’s Zend Framework Introduction at the Burlington, Vermont PHP Users Group are now available online: Zend Framework Introduction View more presentations from Bradley Holt. The presentation is available under a Creative Commons license. As I mentioned earlier, there’s also a demo blogging application called Postr available on GitHub. The application is available […]

Learn Zend Framework

At tonight’s (Thursday, January 28, 2010) Burlington, Vermont PHP Users Group meeting I’ll be giving a Zend Framework Introduction presentation. I’ll be covering how to use several features of Zend Framework and common patterns including: Zend_Tool Zend_Application Model-View-Controller (MVC) Zend_Layout Action Controllers View Scripts Zend_Test Modeling domain objects Zend_Form Zend_Db_Table Data Mapper Zend_Paginator Zend_Date Zend_Markup […]

Year In Review

Being the first day of 2010, I thought it would be a good time to take a look back at 2009… Burlington, VT PHP Users Group 2009 was the second full year of the Burlington, VT PHP Users Group. We had some fun meetings and presentations including: January Jason Pelletier gave a presentation on CSS […]

Bug Hunting

If you are a PHP developer in the Burlington, Vermont area then you should come to tomorrow (11/19) evening’s PHP Users Group meeting at the newly opened Office Squared coworking space in downtown Burlington. This month we will be learning how to find and fix bugs in free and open source projects. From the meeting […]

Beginner PHP Code Examples

At last month’s Burlington, VT PHP Users Group meeting I presented a session on beginner PHP. The code examples can be downloaded (or forked) from GitHub. The talk was geared towards complete beginners and covered the basic structure of a PHP script, variables, comments, data types, arrays (enumerative, associative and multi-dimensional), operators, conditionals, iterative constructs, […]

The PHP Community

Last week I was at ZendCon, the largest yearly event of the PHP community. One thing that I’ve been thinking about lately, and something that many other people have talked about, is how unique the PHP community is. People are generally friendly and welcoming. Rarely do you run into someone who thinks he or she […]

Beginner PHP

The Burlington, VT PHP Users group has been going strong for almost two years now. We’ve had lots of great presentations and some really experienced PHP developers at the meetings. However, I’ve been concerned that we might scare away PHP beginners with many of the meetings being on advanced topics. So, our next meeting topic […]

PHP Users Group Social

Tonight (9/24) the Burlington, VT PHP Users Group will be hosting its first “social” event. We’ll be having a casual get-together at Madera’s in place of the typical meeting format. We’ve also extended an open invitation for non-PHP people to come and join us. The Vermont Code Camp earlier this month was a great opportunity […]

Vermont Code Camp

This Saturday (Sept 12) from 9am-6pm will be the first ever Vermont Code Camp and it will be here in Burlington, Vermont at Kalkin Hall on the University of Vermont campus. While code camps are typically .NET focused, this one will cover a broad range of topics including .NET, PHP, Ruby and Python (full list […]