Scaling CouchDB

Scaling CouchDBMy latest book, Scaling CouchDB, is now available in ebook format. This is a short book (about 72 pages) and serves as a practical guide to scaling CouchDB and designing a distributed system to meet your capacity needs. Replication, conflict resolution, load balancing, clustering, distributed load testing, and monitoring are covered. The chapters on load balancing (using Apache) and distributed load testing (using Tsung) are broadly applicable, even if you aren’t a CouchDB user.

If you blog and would like to review Scaling CouchDB or my previous book, Writing and Querying MapReduce Views in CouchDB, then please let me know and I can arrange to have you sent a review copy.

Update (3/31/2011): At the request of a commenter, here is the table of contents:

  1. Defining Scaling Goals
    1. What is Scalability?
    2. Capacity Planning
    3. The CAP Theorem
      1. Consistency
      2. Availability
      3. Partition Tolerance
  2. Tuning and Designing for Scale
    1. Performance Tips
    2. Document Design
  3. Replication
    1. Filters and Specifying Documents
    2. Conflict Resolution
      1. Picking the Same Revision as CouchDB
      2. Picking a Conflicted Revision
      3. Merging Revisions
  4. Load Balancing
    1. CouchDB Nodes
    2. Replication Setup
    3. Proxy Server Configuration
    4. Testing
  5. Clustering
    1. BigCouch
    2. Lounge
    3. Pillow
  6. Distributed Load Testing
    1. Installing Tsung
    2. Configuring Tsung
    3. Running Tsung
    4. Monitoring
    5. Identifying Bottlenecks
    6. Test Configuration


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    Can I take a look to TOC?

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    Oriol, I’ve added the table of contents to the post.