ALA 2010 Web Design Survey

The Survey For People Who Make WebsitesAre you a developer or designer who makes websites? A List Apart is conducting their 2010 Web Design Survey. The findings will be published so that anyone can analyze the results (see the findings from the 2009 survey). From the article:

It’s a story as old as time itself. In 2007, our conference division, An Event Apart, hired a research team to provide facts about the web design profession and those who practice it. We wanted to know who exactly our famous slogan, “for people who make websites,” was talking about. What were our kind of people’s salary ranges, titles, working conditions, educational backgrounds, gender, ethnicity, and so on? And what effect, if any, did one statistic have on another? For instance, did gender have an influence on salary? Was there a connection between educational background and job satisfaction? Did web professionals who worked at start-ups have the same titles as those who worked at universities and libraries?

Take the 2010 survey.

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