Vermont Code Camp Wrapup

Chris Bowen, Julie Lerman, Rob Rohr, and Rob HaleA big thanks to everyone who attended, volunteered, sponsored, organized, and spoke at this year’s Vermont Code Camp—we had 23 speakers, 25 sessions, and 125 attendees! Check out some of the presentations, photos, and tweets from this past weekend. A special shout-out to Julie Lerman and Rob Hale for all of their hard work in organizing Vermont Code Camp! We had some amazingly generous sponsors including The University of Vermont’s School of Business Administration, MyWebGrocer, Found Line (my company), DiscountASP.NET, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, JetBrains, Microsoft, the Vermont Software Developers’ Alliance,, and the Vermont 3.0 Tech Jam (October 15 & 16). Follow @VTCodeCamp on twitter for information about next year’s event.

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  1. Posted September 14, 2010 at 4:16 am | Permalink

    congratulations!keep on movin`
    win and again and again!

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