Tagnabit Launched!

Last night we announced the launch of tagnabit, a social media aggregator. It’s “a service that aggregates tags from popular social media websites. It is useful for conferences or other events. Participants can use a shared tag across Twitter, Flickr, Technorati, YouTube and Delicious. Tagnabit then aggregates this content in one place.” The idea originally started with Town Meeting Day Vermont and then was used for the Alliance for Community Media Northeast regional conference. People found it useful, so we decided to make a “generic” version that basically has the same functionality as these sites, but for any arbitrary tag. Bill Simmon has a few ideas on how tagnabit can be used.

The functionality behind tagnabit was built using Zend Framework (MVC components, Zend_Feed, Zend_Service_Flickr, and Zend_Cache). The client side is all semantic XHTML (with a few Microformats), CSS, and a few JavaScript enhancements (using jQuery). We’ve got plans for some new features – but we’re curious to see how people use the site first. If you’ve got feedback, please send it our way via Twitter, Flickr, Technorati, YouTube or Delicious by tagging your content with tagnabit (#tagnabit on Twitter).

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