GTalk Profile on ReadWriteWeb and

GTalk Profile is a website we originally launched three years ago right after Google Talk itself was launched. The website was recently featured on ReadWriteWeb and syndicated to the technology section. From the article:

Google Talk is probably one of the few messaging clients that doesn’t have a way for you to interact with other Google Talk users unless you know their email address. GTalk Profile provides the perfect solution to this problem. Using Google Maps, GTalk Profile allows users to plot where they are on a map and also find other users around the world. Simply type your city and state into the search box and GTalk Profile will provide you with a list of users near you along with a description of each user. Clicking on a name takes you to a profile page where you’ll find a longer description, photos, interests, location, and the option to request a user’s Google Talk information.

It’s unfortunate that we haven’t been able to spend any real time working on the website for quite a while and that it’s not an example of our best work. However, we’re thrilled to have the attention and very glad that people like the service.