Draft Zend_Container Proposal

Wow, my draft Zend_Container proposal got a lot more interest than I expected. I want to clarify a few things about this proposal. First, this proposal is still very much a draft. I’ve made a few updates this weekend, so I’d love to hear any feedback you have but keep in mind the proposal is certainly not complete. Second, this proposal is in no way endorsed by anyone at Zend although I’ve gotten a small amount of feedback from some Zenders in public blog comments. Third, I’m not entirely convinced that a dependency injection component fits in with Zend Framework’s balance of simplicity and power. However, I believe that if Zend Framework is to have a dependency injection component that this component should be as simple as possible and designed to solve a limited set of use cases. This is why I’m working on this proposal, to provide the option of a dead-simple dependency injection component in Zend Framework.

Thanks again for all the feedback I’ve gotten so far!