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PHP Users Group Survey

I recently surveyed the Burlington, VT PHP Users Group to get an idea of what motivates people to be involved with the group. I got the idea from a blog post on the top 7 reasons why people join a user group community. This was certainly not a scientific survey and there were only 16 […]

Burlington, VT PHP Picnic

On Sunday, August 15th the Burlington, Vermont PHP Users Group will be hosting a PHP Picnic. From the description: The Burlington, Vermont PHP Users Group invites you to join us for a picnic at Oakledge Park. All are welcome but we’d like to extend a special invitation to members of other local technology user groups. […]

Magento Roundtable

Next week’s Burlington, VT PHP Users Group meeting will be a Magento Roundtable discussion. From the meeting description: Over the last year, Magento has increased in popularity as a viable open source eCommerce platform for the mid to large scale online retailer. This rapid growth has lead to many questions on what has been fixed, what […]

Job Opening: Functional Analyst & Quality Assurance Specialist

Found Line is hiring! We’re looking for a Functional Analyst & Quality Assurance Specialist to help us create useful web applications. Here is a description of the job: As a Functional Analyst & Quality Assurance Specialist at Found Line, you will have three primary responsibilities. First, you will communicate with outside clients and subject matter […]

Job Opening: Senior/Lead PHP Developer

An acquaintance of mine, Teresa Langston, made me aware that Vermont Information Processing (VIP) is looking for a Senior/Lead PHP Developer. More information is available on their careers page but a more in-depth description was recently posted to PHPDeveloper.org. An excerpt of the job description: We are seeking an experienced PHP Application Developer with serious […]

Zend Framework Introduction

Slides from last night’s Zend Framework Introduction at the Burlington, Vermont PHP Users Group are now available online: Zend Framework Introduction View more presentations from Bradley Holt. The presentation is available under a Creative Commons license. As I mentioned earlier, there’s also a demo blogging application called Postr available on GitHub. The application is available […]

Learn Zend Framework

At tonight’s (Thursday, January 28, 2010) Burlington, Vermont PHP Users Group meeting I’ll be giving a Zend Framework Introduction presentation. I’ll be covering how to use several features of Zend Framework and common patterns including: Zend_Tool Zend_Application Model-View-Controller (MVC) Zend_Layout Action Controllers View Scripts Zend_Test Modeling domain objects Zend_Form Zend_Db_Table Data Mapper Zend_Paginator Zend_Date Zend_Markup […]

Open Source and Open Standards Bill

The other day there was a discussion on the VAGUE mailing list about an open source and open standards bill (H.516) [PDF] recently introduced in the Vermont General Assembly (a.k.a. legislature). It’s technically an amendment to an existing act and has the following stated purpose: This bill proposes to require the department of information and […]

Year In Review

Being the first day of 2010, I thought it would be a good time to take a look back at 2009… Burlington, VT PHP Users Group 2009 was the second full year of the Burlington, VT PHP Users Group. We had some fun meetings and presentations including: January Jason Pelletier gave a presentation on CSS […]

Common Good Vermont

The other day we launched the first iteration of the Common Good Vermont website. From the about page: Vermont (pop. 621,000) is a small, tightly knit rural state proud of its independent spirit and high levels of civic engagement. Vermont’s independent sector (3000+ organizations, $4 billion annual revenue) plays a primary role in the delivery […]