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I am surprised by how many developers think it’s OK to do work directly in a production environment or to deploy to production directly from their development environment. I found a good article today that explains the traditional Development/Integration/Staging/Production practice. The specific setup may be different depending on your environment, but the basic ideas are […]

Easy Way to Run Web Applications Locally

I’ve been trying out a new way to run web applications on my local machine. Since I work on many different websites I like to be able to run these sites on my local machine. This lets me try out changes locally before committing them to Subversion and rolling them out to a staging or […]

Burlington, VT PHP Users Group Meeting Last Night

A big thanks to Bluehouse Group for hosting Last nights Burlington, VT PHP Users Group meeting! Both Matthew Weier O’Phinney and Rob Riggen provided some great presentations. Matthew’s presentation was a continuation of his best practices series. This one was on documenation. Rob presented the latest installment of his framework series, this one on Zend […]