Top Five Posts of 2011

Continuing a trend started by Cal Evans and then followed by Chris Cornutt, Matthew Turland, and Joe Devon; here are the top five most viewed posts from my blog in 2011.

5. CouchDB and Domain-Driven Design

This post covered two topics that are of great interest to me. Document databases like CouchDB have much potential when it comes to domain-driven design. The post outlined some techniques for serializing domain objects into CouchDB documents.

4. Addressing the NoSQL Criticism

I heard a lot of NoSQL bashing this year at OSCON. As a result, I decided to write a rebuttal to many of the criticisms that I heard. This post inspired a lively comment thread.

3. Testing PHP 5.4

This was a short post on how to help the PHP Quality Assurance Team by running the tests for the latest development version of PHP 5.4. It covered downloading, compiling, and running the tests. Most importantly, it also covered reporting your test results.

2. Exploring RabbitMQ and PHP

I was exploring the possibility of using RabbitMQ for an upcoming project. I decided to post some notes on my experience getting started with RabbitMQ and integrating it with PHP. I haven’t ended up using RabbitMQ in production yet, but I’m confident that I’ll end up using it at some point.

1. CouchDB jQuery Plugin Reference

I had been frustrated by the lack of documentation for the CouchDB jQuery plugin—so decided to write my own. After I wrote the blog post, Max Ogden pointed me to Dale Harvey‘s documentation generator for jquery.couch.js and a copy of the generated jQuery CouchDB documentation. Max and Dale are also working on a more flexible jquery.couch2.js.