Speaking at ZendCon 2011

Zend PHP ConferenceI’m happy to say that I will be speaking at this year’s ZendCon—the Zend PHP Conference for Developers. I’ll be presenting a tutorial on Learning CouchDB during the first day of the conference. From the session’s description:

CouchDB is a document-oriented database that uses JSON documents, has a RESTful HTTP API, and is queried using map/reduce views. Each of these properties alone, especially MapReduce views, may seem foreign to developers more familiar with relational databases. This tutorial will teach web developers the concepts they need to get started using CouchDB in their projects. Several CouchDB libraries are available for PHP and we will take a look at the more popular ones.

This will be the 7th annual ZendCon and will take place October 17-20, 2011 in Santa Clara, California. Registration is open—hope to see you there!