Magento Roundtable

Next week’s Burlington, VT PHP Users Group meeting will be a Magento Roundtable discussion. From the meeting description:

Over the last year, Magento has increased in popularity as a viable open source eCommerce platform for the mid to large scale online retailer. This rapid growth has lead to many questions on what has been fixed, what continues to be a problem, and how complex a system an eCommerce engine needs to be.

Have you used Magento? Are you considering using it for an upcoming project? Do you have a specific problem that Magento solves for you and would like to share your story? Join the roundtable and compare notes with others who have experience with Magento.

Meetings are open to the public via RSVP. You will have the chance to network and connect with fellow PHP developers.

To Participate:

  1. Register on Eventbrite.
  2. Sign up for the Burlington, VT PHP User Group list on Google Groups.
  3. Forward this link to anyone else you feel would be interested in this meeting’s topics.